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The Spa at Sattva Yoga Spa

The Sattva Yoga Spa is their private Hot & Cold Spa suite that contains a wet sauna, hot soak tub, cold plunge tub, and luxurious rain shower. They designed the spa to be a quiet, meditative oasis from the fast pace of modern life. A place to reset your nervous system.
When you arrive, they’ll show you to the spa suite with provided storage for your earthly belongings. Fresh towels, a robe and sandals will be waiting for you. Your suite is equipped with water and herbal tea.
Their recommended healing ritual begins with a cleansing rinse in the rain shower, followed by 3 rounds of 5 minutes each in the cold plunge and hot soak tubs. Wind down with a 20-30 minute session in the sauna, and wrap up with a long, relaxing rain shower.
You’ll be provided with local, organic bath products (all from EARTH Zero Waste!) along with a hair dryer, straightener, hair ties and pins.
Enjoy solo or bring a friend. The Hot & Cold Spa can accommodate up to two people. (Price does not change if you bring a friend.)
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