EdgebrookShops - Strawberry flavor Bubbles at Dunkin’

Strawberry flavor Bubbles at Dunkin’

Popping Bubbles have burst onto the Summer Scene at Dunkin’. Strawberry flavor packed into small bursting bubbles that literally pop in your mouth, Popping Bubbles can be added to any Dunkin’ iced or frozen beverage for an additional charge, turning favorite Dunkin’ drinks into a distinctly thrilling new level of cool. Made with color sourced from plants, the delicious strawberry taste of Popping Bubbles pairs perfectly with the vibrant fruit flavors in Dunkin’ iced drinks like new Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers or Lemonade. All Popping Bubbles beverages are served with a stylish new pink and orange wide paper straw created specifically for the full bubble-up experience.

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