EdgebrookShops - Monday Nights at Lucha Cantina

Monday Nights at Lucha Cantina

IF YOU PICK UP: If you have car seats in the car we’ll give you a $5 coupon for each car seat and corresponding menu item ordered off the Student Menu.

ORDER: one kid item and have on car seat, get $5. Order two kids items and have two car seats, get $10. If your kid is out of a car seat ….have them ride along and we will get you a coupon, too.

ORDER: you have to order adult entrees too. It’s kinda the same as when we were serving inside, but we’re assuming there aren’t people driving around randomly with extra car seats in their cars!

Place your order online: at LuchaRockford.com or by phone at 815-977-4319

Lucha Cantina is open for outside dining!  Their full menu is still available for pick-up and delivery! Choose from our delicious dishes, Lucharita Kits, Natural Margaritas, and surprise specials!

Order via our Facebook Page, www.lucharockford.com, or phone at 815-977-4319. If ordering for pick-up, drive to the EAST side of the building to pick-up your food under the Lucha Cantina tent.

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