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Frenchy at Baker Street Burgers!

Not gonna lie, this one is a tough one to photograph to show off HOW AMAZING THIS BURGER IS!!!! This is Frenchy McFrenchy Pants Burger. Now, I want everyone to understand that @randyfiveforks named this burger….. which surprises 0% of us 😬 (Love you, you’re cute). Annnnyyyyway…

Gruyère Cheese
Mornay Sauce
Sunnyside Egg
Dijon Mayo
Oui Oui!
In addition, their full menu is available for carry out.

Bakers Street Burgers Hours:

Closed on Mondays
Tues-Thurs 11a-8p
Fri/Sat 11a-9p
Sunday 11a-8p

Call the restaurant for reservations or to place your order at (815) 668-7800.

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