EdgebrookShops - New Memberships for $1 at Anytime Fitness

New Memberships for $1 at Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness located at Edgebrook is offering a special deal for new members.  Anyone who joins the club for $1 will also receive a free Coaching Consultation, a free “Get Started Plan” and coaching sessions.

“We understand how difficult it can be to get started on a new routine – no matter how hard you try,” said Chuck Gille, Anytime Fitness Edgebrook Manager.  “A lot of people mistakenly believe that you need to be fit before joining a fitness club.  That’s simply not true.  And it’s why we developed our ‘Get Started’ plan, which includes a 30-day personalized workout calendar and guidance from our expert staff to help new members get off to a solid start on their fitness journeys.  Every workout plan is based on the outcome of a personal fitness consultation.  We modify every plan to meet the goals, needs and limitations of each individual – because the key to reaching your long-term goals is getting off to good start with ‘little victories.’  It’s easier to stay motivated when you can actually see and feel your fitness level improving.”

“Ask anyone to list the most important things in their life and nearly everyone will mention their health,” said Gille.  “But too many people simply don’t know how to get started living a healthier lifestyle.  We’re here to help fix that – and there’s no better time than right now.”

For more information about the free “Get Started” plans at Anytime Fitness, call 815-986-0676  to set up an appointment.  In addition to the “Join for $1 offer,” members will receive one month free for each friend who they refer who also joins the gym.  No limit on how many months you could earn.

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