EdgebrookShops - New Golfer’s Advantage Program at Edgebrook Physical Therapy

New Golfer’s Advantage Program at Edgebrook Physical Therapy

Edgebrook Physical Therapy is excited to announce that Golfer’s Advantage is in full swing.

Golfer’s Advantage utilizes video swing analysis to quickly and thoroughly assess your swing mechanics with industry-leading software. Freeze frame analysis, joint angle measurement, and slow-motion playback are just a few of the tools we use to assess every aspect of your game.

Based on your video findings, we can determine whether form, flexibility or a combination of these factors is a cause of injury of lack of performance. We can then incorporate golfer-specific exercise and modify your training to minimize or eliminate these deficits. You will leave your first session with a thorough understanding of your swing and a strategy to implement on your next round.

Give Edgebrook Physical Therapy a call today to schedule your Video Swing Analysis and learn how you can save $25!

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