EdgebrookShops - Milk, Yogurt, and Butter Now at Van Laar’s Farm Market & Bake Shop

Milk, Yogurt, and Butter Now at Van Laar’s Farm Market & Bake Shop

Van Laar’s Farm Market & Bake Shop will now carry milk, yogurt and butter products from farmers here in the Midwest.

You can read more about these farmers and their products below. The store will carry limited quantities at first in order to determine your needs and the necessary supply.

Visit Van Laar’s Farm Market & Bake Shop today to pickup some fresh dairy products.

Traders Point Milk and Yogurt
Our unique European-style recipe produces a pourable yogurt that is thinner and slightly tangier than most yogurt varieties (and also quite handy for drinking if you are short on spoons!).

Our organic, 100% grassfed milk is non-homogenized, producing a rich and creamy yogurt while ensuring that as many naturally-occurring enzymes, beneficial bacteria, and nutrients remain intact and readily usable by our bodies.

Kilgus Milk
At Kilgus Farmstead Creamery we bottle milk exclusively from our own small herd of Jersey dairy cows. Whether on pasture in April through November, or cozy in the warm barn in winter, our cows eat feed grown almost entirely by the Kilgus family. Our cows and our small on-farm bottling plant are both located on the same property, providing us with maximum control over our product from start to finish. All of our operations are designed to ensure that our customers always receive the safest, freshest, and highest quality milk possible.

Nordic Creamery Butter
Nordic Creamery is making some of Wisconsin’s finest butter. Our stock is grass feed in open pastures during the summer and feed a mostly grass hay diet during the winter. We don’t need to add chemicals to our butter, our secret ingredient is freshness!

photo from Traders Point Creamery

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