EdgebrookShops - Mexi-Keto Bowls at Lucha Cantina

Mexi-Keto Bowls at Lucha Cantina

Lucha Cantina is proud to present our new Mexi-Keto Bowls!

We noticed that many of our guests were modifying menu items to fit with their Keto diet so we decided to make it easier for them. We pulled out the carbs, but rest assured that we didn’t cut back on the flavor.

The Spanish style rice is made with riced cauliflower. The “beans” are actually a homemade blend of eggplant & chorizo. We pulled the corn out of our pico making a new Keto De Gallo as well. Add to that a little romaine, a pinch of Cotija cheese and the protein of your choice and you’re all set for a meal that helps you stay in line with goals while dining out with your friends.

Stop in and try a new Mexi-Keto Bowl!

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